Back in the Saddle...or on the Trail

posted Jul 3, 2013, 10:43 AM by Paul Wagner
The good news?  I am now healthy again, and able to hike. 
How do I know?  Because over the weekend we went up to Sonora Pass and headed South on the Pacific Crest Trail for a day hike.  On the way, we managed to find a couple of peaks to climb, including one that was 11,845 high. 
And that went just fine, thank you very much.
Plus, the views from up there were simply stunning.  Check out this shot, looking southeast along the crest of the Sierra towards Matterhorn Peak, the Sawtooth Range, and in the distance, all the major peaks of Yosemite, including Cloud's Rest and the Clark Range over there on the right.  Wow!
The view North from the second peak, about 11,000 feet or so.   ©
It sure felt good to be able to hike again, and we're already making plans for a longer stay in the Sierra, this time, with backpacks!
If you want to see the photos of the whole hike, just click on this one...and it will take you to the trip log for the hike on Picasa.