Back Country Books

posted Dec 24, 2009, 8:33 AM by Paul Wagner
This isn't going to be a definitive list--if anyone is qualified to do that.  (hmmm.  Maybe that SHOULD get a page on our website:  books about the Sierra that we love.  We'll get to work on it) 

But it is about a book we read in the last week that was terrific:  Tony Hillerman's mystery novel Skeleton Man.  First of all, it's really, really good writing.  Somehow that makes such a difference.  And then there is his deep love of both the culture of the southwest, and the landscape as well.  It's hard to fight the urge to get in your car and start driving once you finish one of his books. 

But what really made this one stand out is that much of the action takes place in the Grand Canyon---and yeah, they backpack in.  And it is wonderful writing.  

This site is supposed to be about the Sierra, but some time in the next couple of years we're going to have to go to the Grand Canyon again, and this time really do some hiking.  Colin Fletcher's "The Man Who Walked Through Time" is the all time great book about this region...but Skeleton Man deserves a spot on the shelf, too.  

What fun!