Baby it's cold outside...

posted Dec 24, 2011, 8:49 AM by Paul Wagner
Happy holidays! 
Christmas Eve, and the weather is cold, clear and dry.  Which is a mixed blessing. 
On the one hand, we are delighted that we've managed to spend so much time outdoors this fall and early winter.  The weather has been perfect for hiking, biking, and generally being active outside.  In fact, we're considering a backpacking trip over this holiday week--just an overnighter up into the mountains.  The roads are clear (Tioga and Ebbetts Pass are OPEN!) and there are plenty of trailheads available.
If we do go, you can be sure we'll post a report here as soon as we get back.
So what's not to like? 
There is no snow in the Sierra.  None.  And for a state that gets just about all its water (and even a big chunk of its power) from snowmelt, this is a pretty big problem.  We'd be more than happy to trade a quick overnight backpacking trip for a couple of feet of snowfall.
Not that we get the choice.  As usual, that's all up to Mother Nature.
Hope your holidays are full of fun, family, loved ones and wonder.