A teaching award...

posted May 16, 2018, 12:06 PM by Paul Wagner
P's students have always told him how much they enjoy his classes....but it's another thing to win an award from the faculty....

McPherson Award winner Paul Wagner will be giving a multi-media presentation titled “Wine and Music” at  1 p.m., May 17 at Copia in downtown Napa.

“It’s an exploration of culture and community, and focused on why we should talk less about wine-making  processes, geology, and climate –and more about wine as an expression of culture and society,” said Wagner

Wagner was honored on May 11 with the 2018 McPherson Distinguished Teaching Award at Napa Valley College (NVC).

The McPherson Award is funded by the McPherson Endowment established by the founding president Dr. Harry McPherson and his family now held by the Napa Valley College Foundation.

The award is in honor of Founding President Dr. Harry McPherson who, according to NVC, has helped generations of Napa Valley College students.

An NVC statement said of McPherson, “From his vision and institutional leadership to his support of scholarships and encouragement of individual students, he touched many lives. Establishing the McPherson Distinguished Teaching Award is another example of his support of our outstanding faculty and his commitment to excellence in education.”

Wagner is also a partner with Rick Kushman as part of Capital Public Radio’s podcast lineup: “Bottle Talk with Rick & Paul” at http://www.rickandpaulwine.com/. The podcast can also be accessed on  i-tunes.