A Photographic packing list

posted Jul 26, 2012, 10:21 AM by Paul Wagner
So here is what we take on a backpacking trip--broken out so that you can see every item.  The total between the two of us will be about 55 pounds for a five day trip, including all food and 4 liters of water.  (Without the water, we're close to 45 pounds total)
P carries about 32 of these pounds (27 minus the water) and M carries about 23.
What do we take?  Take a look!
Photos, from left to right:   P's clothes on the trail: shirt (with sunglasses, knife, compass and nail clippers) pants, undies, two pairs of socks, a lightweight belt, a paper wallet. Add a pair of boots and the hat below and he's ready to go!

P's extra clothes that go in the pack: a rain shell, a fleece jacket, an extra pair of under and two pairs of socks, and a very lightweight pajama set---just to keep the sleeping bag clean.  And the yellow pj shirt also gets worn on very cold mornings.

Bearvault 500 full of food for five days, and an REI sub-Kilo sleeping bag. And a plastic bag of bug spray and lotion,
On the left is P's fishing gear: rod and reel, leader, box of flies, license and Campfire permit, hiking hat, and a
collection of maps...
On the right is a collection of odds and ends: 50 feet of line, a Katadyn water filter, small binoculars, Inca hat from alpaca wool, mosquito head net, and bandana of many uses...
Left:  The small black daypack gets used to hold various things on the trail, and we use it as a daypack and to carry our water bottles and pump from camp to lake and back.  There is also a book of sudoku puzzles/fire starter, a lighter, a blue whistle, a tube of lipbalm with a few feet of duct tape wrapped around it, a tiny pen, two micro lights, and a patch for the Neoair mattress.
Right: the tent that P made and its stuff bag, P's neoair mattress in a stuff bag, a 2mm poly ground tarp, washcloth, hand towel and larger towel completet with Big Bird graphics!
The cook kit in the left photo goes in M's pack, with its dark blue stuff bag.  Inside that same bag we pack our orange bowls, cooking pot (with lighter inside and matches inside), pot cozy to keep things warm, gas canister, spoons, the pot lid, tripod and Pocket Rocket stove in its red plastic case.
On the right is P's pack, a Go-Lite 50L pack, his crocs, our blue seating pads, and one of our famous red cups!  The Crocs and seats get stuffed into the elastic cord we added to the back of the packs, so they are easy to access on the trail, and so that the Crocs can dry out after a river crossing
NOT SHOWN:  The first aid kit and the toilet trowel, paper and opaque bag that M carries in her pack. And, of course, M's pack and her clothes sleeping bag, pad, etc.