Another Data Point

posted Aug 5, 2014, 11:19 AM by Paul Wagner

One of our friends is an engineer, and he often talks about data points….when you get enough points on the chart, you can start seeing a pattern, and then you can come to some conclusions.  They might be incorrect, but at least they are supported by the data.

So on our last trip we camped at Leopold Lake in the Emigrant Wilderness, and we were completely alone.  Every other lake in the area had some campers, and some had what were described as crowds.  But lonely Leopold was quiet—just us three chickens. 

It was lovely.

Of course, Leopold doesn’t have any fish to catch…and once again we found that where there is no fishing, there are far fewer people. 

Want to get away from it all?  Then go someplace where the fish are not jumping.  Or if they are, they’re illegal to catch.