And the foothills are beginning to green up nicely

posted Feb 16, 2016, 8:28 PM by Paul Wagner
Last weekend we went up to our cabin above Sonora to check on things, shovel out a bit of snow, split some firewood, and just take care of thing in general.  It was a really beautiful few days, and we managed to sneak in a hike on the way up, in a small park right in the town of Sonora.

Dragoon Gulch is a nice little trail that leads up to an overlook with views to snow covered peaks miles away.  And it seems to have attracted a nice local crowd--we saw plenty of hikers, from people our own age to young couple, families with dogs...a nice cross section of hikers. 

And did we mention the views?

If you look carefully in the photo at left, you can see Duckwall Mountain in the distance.  That name may ring a bell---it was frequently mentioned during the coverage of the massive Rim Fire a few years ago. 

Hope that snow is a salve on the wounds it suffered back then.