And here is who we think is NICE

posted Dec 19, 2012, 8:50 AM by Paul Wagner

The National Park Service and USFS rangers, staff and volunteers who are unfailingly nice and helpful—often in the face of some of the very idiots we mentioned yesterday.  These are really good people, and don’t get the credit (or money) they deserve.  Remember those knuckleheads in DC?

Game wardens everywhere.  A thankless and dangerous job.  Thank you!

Outdoor writers who encourage everyone to get off their behind and out into the wonderful world.  And anyone else who does the same.

Hikers on the trail who offer help, guidance, encouragement, or even food and water to those who need it.  How nice is that?

And a shout out to those on the many backpacking message boards on the internet—who offer their time and expertise over and over again.  We love to read their trip reports, equipment reviews, trail advice, and clever solutions to the problems we all face. Day Three...M has blisters, so we try a new shoe combination, and decide to take some shorter hikes. This one is to Polly Dome Lakes...about five miles total, some of it cross country©

Anyone who takes someone else hiking or backpacking.  Yeah, we worry about some of the campsites in the Sierra, and the traffic they get.  But the more people see these amazing places, the more they will vote to protect them.  And we need all the votes we can get!  This absolutely includes Boy and Girl Scout leaders, despite their organizational policies on sexual orientation.
Those who make trails like the one at  right.  What fun!

Competent sales staff at outdoors stores—those who really try to give you good advice instead of just selling you whatever is latest, trendy, or overstocked.   They are becoming rarer every day, but they do exist.

Those wonderful and crazy people who are continually trying to find new ways, lighter materials, and multi-use equipment to lighten our loads in the back country.  Your ideas may be completely bizarre…but if they work, we are interested! A cairns on the horizon...with unidentified hiker.©

And yes, despite our comments in yesterday’s blog, we also sometimes appreciate those who place a few small cairns to lead us out of the wilderness when we are wandering and wondering.   Sometimes, it‘s nice to know the route can be done…
Well...maybe not like the one at left, on top of North Dome...