A Lovely Day for Hike

posted Nov 18, 2019, 2:56 PM by Paul Wagner
As we enjoyed the glorious fall weather this past weekend, we decided to head for the hills and take a hike.  This time, our plan was to leave the giant metropolis of Strawberry (near Pinecrest Lake) on Highway 108 and follow a trail up to Catfish Lake.

You know that with a name like Catfish Lake, this isn't going to be a deep blue jewel filled with rainbows, don't you?

But the trail was a delight.  We crossed Herring Creek, choosing to use a few large boulders in the creek rather than the more elaborate fallen tree with rope handrail that someone had created.  And from there, we hiked up the hill, past massive granite boulders, to reach the lake in less than an hour.  It was lovely.  And we were pleased to find an Oomacha, a Native American structure, by a nearby pond.  Sadly, someone had left some canned food there, making a bit of a mess inside. 

But still, it gave us a nice sense of having reached the destination.  And the return trip followed a loop back to the shores of Pinecrest Lake, where we met scores of hikers.  On the trail from Strawberry we hadn't seen a soul.  And we didn't meet anyone on the last leg, back along the Stanislaus River to Strawberry.

Lovely day, lovely hike, and a great way to welcome fall weather to the Sierra.  The rest of the photos are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GRZCX36CTW5KyXS17