Addition to our First Aid Kit

posted Apr 25, 2016, 8:23 AM by Paul Wagner
We've added one more item to our first aid kit for backpacking, but it's not something we suggest for everyone.

As you know if you've been reading this blog, P is an avid cyclist.  He tries to ride just about every day for 15+ miles, and has regularly ridden over 5,000 miles a year.  But over the past few years, he's been stung by bees a few times, and each time the reaction to the sting has become more pronounced.

The last time he was stung, about month ago, it was on the thigh, and his entire thigh swelled up to about 150% of it's normal size.  That's when he decided it was worth going to the doctor about this.  The doctor prescribed some massive dosages of prednisone, and then asked P what he liked to do for fun. 

When P mentioned backpacking, the doc immediately prescribed a couple of epipens.  He was concnered that if P were stung near his head by a bee, the reaction could easily prevent him from breathing.  There's a happy thought. 

So we've added this to our FAK for in the mountains, even though it adds a few ounces to our packs.  Wonder if there is an ultralight version?