A busy week of celebrations...

posted May 20, 2015, 2:19 PM by Paul Wagner
No, we haven't been backpacking.  In fact, we've been doing something much more fun, if you can imagine that!   We've spent the last week attending the graduations of our two wonderful daughters from law schools. 

First was Liz in New Orleans, where Tulane organized a real celebration graduation, complete with fireworks, a Dixieland band, clouds of glitter, and the Superdome. 

And then a more sober graduation at Fordham in Manhattan, where Estelle received a special award from the Association of Women Lawyers, and joined a few of her friends in singing the Star Spangled Banner to start things off. 

It was wonderful fun, seeing our girls doing well, and celebrating their amazing achievements with their friends. 

We were delighted, and honored, to be a part of it all.